How to tie a Snappy Scarf

The whole idea behind the Snappy Scarf is that you don’t have to tie it; its simple, uncomplicated. Well, that is only partially true. I like to play around and find new ways, and more attractive ways to wear these awesome, easy to wear scarves.

Tie a loose knot about 10 inches from the end of the left hand end of the scarf.

Pull the right hand end of the scarf through the loose knot.

After pulling through to desired tightness, snap in the back of the neck.

Here, you can see that Michelle placed the knot toward the right side and “fluffed” the scarf to create a looser look.

Fall is almost upon us!

It’s hard to believe that the summer of 2018 is almost over and fall is arriving soon. For those Razorback fans there are several scarves with red and white, red, white and black or black and white color schemes that fit perfectly with all that Razorback garb worn to games and game day parties.

We are now on Amazon!

Snappy Scarf is now on Amazon Handmade seller, as well as an Etsy seller. Not that you can’t buy your scarves right here at, but it is so exciting that I was able to navigate that “difficult to navigate” page – at least for me.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Snappy Scarf

OK Spring WAS in the air, but it seems to be a little bipolar. Having my cute little convenient snappy scarf with me for every occasion gives me protection from the wind. As the Chinese say, “wind is the most pernicious pathogenic factor, and it enters at the back of the neck. So wear your scarf and you won’t get sick.

Coral Dot on White – Crinkle chiffon Snappy Scarf

Snappy Winter Warmer

I love my snappy scarves.  Until now I only made scarves for summer outer wear or winter indoor fashion wear. I decided to experiment with making scarves for cold weather and I’m so excited about the result.  They are super warm, keep the wind off your neck completely, can be worn over the head instead of a hat so your hair doesn’t get crushed, and would allow you to do head stands, if you wanted to, and not lose your scarf.

Sage winter warmer keeps you warm. Can be worn inside or out in the cold

White with black plaid winter warmer

Name This Fabric! The Snappy Scarf

The Snappy Scarf is a snap on scarf that is easy to put on, stays in place and never falls off. If you lie a scarf that you can put in your pocket and covers a multitude of sins, that Snappy Scarf is for you.  A multi-use Snap-on scarf, it is the best scarf ever!  Head scarf, neck scarf, headband, wear anywhere, any time of year.  You will never ask again how to tie a scarf. It’s that easy

Once a month we will be calling upon our customers to help us name our new 2018 scarves.  The winner will receive a free scarf or choker.  The rules are simple: decide what name you like, LIKE, SHARE and TAG 3 friends.   These scarves are unique and one of a kind, handmade by me.

Thank you for your continued support!