Snappy Scarf


This versatile scarf can be worn in so many ways. Please choose your color, or more than one – so you can combine the scarves to create your unique look. All scarves are made of soft chiffon, and can be worn any time of year. Warm in the winter for indoor use, or cool in the summer for wearing at the beach, in your convertible or to accent your outfit.


How To Wear the Original Snappy Scarf

One of the most searched key phrases about scarves is: How to Tie a Scarf.  This snap-on scarf is easy to put on, stays in place and never gets in your way.

Neck Scarf – There are several ways to wear this snap on scarf, but all start by draping the scarf around neck; cross, tie, or twist in front, and snap in back. Or tie a knot about 12 inches from one end, slip the other end through the knot, pull then snap in back of neck. No need to know how to tie a scarf.

Head Scarf – Open scarf and drape over the head, cross under chin, snap in back. If you want a tighter, rather than loose fitting scarf, tie a knot at the end of the scarf to shorten.  This will make the headscarf tighter for wearing in windy conditions.

Head Band – Hang around neck, bring ends up above the head, cross on top of head, snap under hair at nape. Two snap settings allow for some variation in the length.

Long Scarf – Just snap in back and let it hang, or tie in a knot. There are many ways you can wear it long.  My favorite is to hang around neck with snap in back, and clasp a small decorative pin through both halves.


Our heads are close full size around 9 or 10 years old, so your daughter can wear a Snappy Scarf too.  And its perfect for beach wear as headband or head scarf.


My favorite way to tie on the neck scarf.  

First, drape scarf around the neck and tie a loose knot about 12 inches from one end.


Next, pull the other end through the loose knot and tighten until you can snap it in the back of the neck.


The Original Snappy Scarf has two snaps so that when worn as a head band, there is some variation in length. The two lengths are 47 and 48.5. This is not an actual head size; the scarf is wrapped around the head twice.

For smaller head sizes, the scarf can be twisted at the top of the head before snapping in the back of the neck, or a knot can be tied to shorten the scarf, allowing you to create your own unique look.

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Fabric Descriptions

All Snappy Scarves are made of chiffon, from very lightweight chiffon that is sheer and almost see through, medium weight that is not quite see through but still lightweight. Finally there is high multi chiffon which is still lightweight but more dense.  All have a fabulous drape, fold into a small bundle that can be put in your purse or pocket, are soft and feminine. often worn as hijab headscarf.


Available Fabrics

Scarf Fabrics

African Print, Black, Black Pink Dots, Black Red White Circles, Black White Geometric, Blue, Blue Black Blush Print, Blue Green Flowers, Butter Brown Dots, Fall Palette, Flowers On Orange, Gold, Ivory, Leaves On Blue, Multi Dots On Gray, Navy White Dots, Orange Flowers On Lilac, Oriental Garden, Plum, Purple, Red, Red Black White Geo, Red White Dots, Small Coral Dots, Turquoise On Beige, White Black Dots, White Plaid