Name This Fabric! The Snappy Scarf

The Snappy Scarf is a snap on scarf that is easy to put on, stays in place and never falls off. If you lie a scarf that you can put in your pocket and covers a multitude of sins, that Snappy Scarf is for you.  A multi-use Snap-on scarf, it is the best scarf ever!  Head scarf, neck scarf, headband, wear anywhere, any time of year.  You will never ask again how to tie a scarf. It’s that easy

Once a month we will be calling upon our customers to help us name our new 2018 scarves.  The winner will receive a free scarf or choker.  The rules are simple: decide what name you like, LIKE, SHARE and TAG 3 friends.   These scarves are unique and one of a kind, handmade by me.

Thank you for your continued support!