Wear the Snappy Scarf as headscarf to protect you from the sun and wind. Look like a movie star, or wear to church or temple as hijab.   Feminine, attractive, covering a multitude of sins.  Women driving convertibles looking chic, relaxed, and confident.  The Snappy scarf allows you to achieve the ‘look’ easily and effortlessly. Just a Snap! Snap on and go! Best of all, this scarf can be worn in so many ways. Headscarf, neck scarf, long scarf or headband. 

How to tie a scarf may the most searched scarf term on the internet.  For most of us, tying a scarf is a mystery. Maybe an exaggeration, but most of us agree that tying scarves can be challenging. The Snappy Scarf is a snap-on scarf that goes on easily, stays in place all day, and never gets in the way.  

My work as an acupuncturist does not allow me to wear scarves if they hang down, but my neck often feels naked without one.  The Snappy Scarf was created to snap on and stay close around the neck.  It snaps behind the neck, is small and lightweight, soft and comfortable, versatile, and never gets in the way. It’s the best scarf ever!! And each scarf is made by hand.

Keep wind off the neck, mist and rain from the hair, or use as a  “bad hair day” scarf.  The snappy scarf is a simple, lightweight, pretty scarf that will enhance any outfit, summer or winter. Combine two or more scarves to create a completely unique look.



                                         Snaps in the Back of the neck

How To Wear the Original Snappy Scarf

Neck Scarf – Hang scarf around neck, cross, tie, or twist in front, snap in back.

Head Scarf – Open scarf and drape over the head, cross under chin, snap in back.

Head Band – Hang around neck, bring ends up above the head, cross on top of head, snap under hair at nape.

The Original Snappy Scarf has two snap settings for use as headband, giving some variation in length.  The two lengths are approximately 48 and 49.5.  This is not an actual head size; the scarf is wrapped around the head twice.

For smaller head sizes, the scarf can be twisted at the top of the head before snapping in the back of the neck, or a knot can be tied to shorten the scarf, allowing you to create your own unique look.

The Snappy Choker 

The Snappy Choker is the best choker ever!  Soft and comfortable, it is unlike other chokers. It doesn’t need to be tied and there is no elastic, and you will never feel like you are being choked. Because the snaps are placed so that there is only about 3/4 of and inch difference between each snap setting, it can be worn by anyone without ever being tight.  Three sizes are available – small, medium and large, fitting neck sizes from 12.5 to 16.5 inch necks.